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"this is the first day of my life, im glad i didn't die before i met you." Arena+


Harry saying his during little things.


I’m uploading it to YouTube too but this is liam covering the way you make me feel by Michael Jackson AKA THE BEST THING HE HAS EVER DONE AND I HAVE EVER WITNESSED GOD BLESS


Louis’ reaction to seeing that sign OJMYGOD

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Ariana talks Harry Styles
Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande talks about Harry’s song ‘A Little Bit of Your Heart’

"It’s about loving somebody so much that you don’t care if you have to share them with somebody else because a little bit of their love is enough for you. Which is absolute bullshit!"


*has the option to say some negative shit about someone*

*doesn’t take the option and continues to live life peacefully*


me as a parent